A Daytrip to Lokrum Island, Croatia

A Daytrip to Lokrum Island, Croatia

Lokrum Island is the small uninhabited island just off of old town Dubrovnik. It was once used as a vacation home for the Austrian archduke Maximillian. It was suggested by both our Air Bnb host and our food tour guide to take a day trip there as there are nice beaches and parks that aren’t overcrowded. It’s about a 20 minute boat ride from the port in Dubrovnik, and is a really cute place to spend the day!

Lokrum Island on the right hand side




Though it’s a small island, there was plenty to do and it never felt crowded.  It was a nice getaway from the unavoidable large tourist crowds in Old Town Dubrovnik. There’s lots of peacocks and other exotic animals on the island as well! The peacocks were brought by the Archduke from the Canary Islands.

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Minh and I had planned to have a nice romantic lunch in the park when visiting Lokrum island. We packed prosciutto, bruschetta and various snacks to enjoy.

The birds and bugs, however, had other plans for us. While attempting to eat our lunch, a bee flew into our ziplock bag of prosciutto, so we had to toss that!


Luckily, I had a backup jar of peanut butter that we could still eat with the bruschetta.

Once I opened up the jar of peanut butter, a bee came by and we managed to swat it down. A bunch of other bees started surrounding us, and a whole bunch of ants came by to take away the bee we swatted down, making Minh and I run away to another location.


Finally, we thought, we can finally enjoy our lunch! Just as we were settling in, a peacock with crazy eyes came and started circling the two benches we were sitting on. Keep in mind, that there are several other people sitting nearby on their own benches not being bothered by any birds or bees!


This hilarious photo series can show the sequence of how the “crazy eyes” peacock wasn’t backing down

(Notice the couple in the background laughing at us? Haha)



Minh and I darted off to separate directions as Minh went to go throw away the peanut butter jar, the bees followed him, and the peacock then started chasing me!


We no longer had any food, but for some reason we couldn’t shake the crazy eyes Peacock from following us!

We made a mad dash far away from the area to escape the danger zone of bees, ants, and peacocks! So much for our romantic lunch in the park!



Despite our failed attempt at a nice relaxing lunch, we had a great time at Lokrum Island. There was actually a Game of Thrones exhibit with a replica throne there that we stumbled upon! As mentioned in my previous Game of Thrones post, Lokrum island was also used for filming for the show.

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“crazy-eyes” Peacock found us again as we were leaving the exhibit!



Afterwards, we hiked up to the castle which provided magnificent views of Old Town Dubrovnik, and went for a swim before heading back.



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I would highly recommend visiting Lokrum Island for a day if you’re visiting Dubrovnik. It doesn’t feel overcrowded, has lots of activities, and is just a quick boat ride away. Just be better at scouting a picnic spot than we were, so you don’t get attacked by the ants, bees, and peacocks!



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