Uluwatu Temple: Bali

Uluwatu Temple: Bali

On our last day in Bali, our resort offered us a discount on hiring a driver since there was construction going on in the unit next to ours.  Again, love Amana Villas, they really go above and beyond to make sure you have a great stay with them.


We get to chat with our driver and ask him where we can find authentic Indonesian food, because we’ve been having such a hard time finding it.  He suggests staple tourist spots that aren’t really Indonesian, so Minh asks him, if he were to go out to dinner somewhere with his family, where would he go?  His response is very humbling, as he says most people in Bali don’t go out to eat, and if they do, it’s usually for a very special occasion.  And if and when they go out to eat, they would probably go somewhere like McDonalds.

We arrive at Uluwatu Temple and the driver tells us to put away any loose belongings, earrings, jewelry, and don’t wear your sunglasses on your head, as the monkeys at the temple like to steal stuff.  There are people in front of the temple who give you wraps to cover up, since it is a temple.

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Minh manages to have a mini monkey photoshoot session.  While he is taking this photo, another monkey jumps on my head and snags the sunglasses I was wearing straight off my face! Got double teamed by the monkeys!  Do’h!

2013-09-14-17h23m58 2013-09-14-17h23m39 2013-09-14-17h23m52

If you look closely, this is the monkey gnawing on my sunglasses. Guess serves me right for not listening to our guide…(but he went out of the car wearing sunglasses, and so did Minh!)

2013-09-14-17h25m38Lesson learned: the monkeys will steal your stuff!